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The first steps

The first five things I recommend you do when starting your CCIE R&S lab study.

  1. Read “Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy“. It will give you an understanding of the time required, the cost, and the support you will need from family and friends. You should know the challenge ahead.
  2. Signup of a Safaribooksonline subscription. This will give you access to most, if not all, the books you need. There are also useful Cisco Press Live Lesson videos. You can sign up for their 14-day trial gives you two weeks free access. I then signed up for their monthly subscription before I found a 50% discount code for their annual subscription.
  3. Download the INE expanded blueprint. From the blueprint, you can start to plan your study. I recommend getting a base knowledge in all of the subjects and then build up.
  4. Be time efficient in all areas of your life. Studying is going to take over your life until you pass the lab exam.
  5. Track how much time you spend studying and in what areas. I recommend using a free tool such as Toggl.
  6. Don’t just read and make notes, start configuring labs. You need to configure technologies from memory. Not cutting and pasting from other configurations and not picking from multiple choice answers. To use an example, you don’t learn how to drive a car by reading about it. You build up practical experience.